Mario Diaz is originally from Lima, Peru. His career was in public relations, and cooking was a hobby - both of which required creativity. He was Project Manager for creative teams at an advertising agency.

In 2017, now living in the United States, he decided to start a Peruvian food business; a way to bridge his country and culture to his new life. He perfected what used to be his hobby and created Triciclo Peru, a project that started as a trailer in the streets.

The trailer offers Peruvian empanadas, the most popular snack in the streets of Peru; one that accompanied Mario from his childhood school lunches, to his breaks in the office, and everywhere in between.

After a couple of years, Mario is now leading another creative team, this time in the kitchen of his new restaurant, with the goal of sharing the wonder of the gastronomy of Peru. 


Triciclo Peru was started by Amy Narr and Mario Diaz, because of their strong desire to share one of the most important pieces of Peruvian culture: the food. 

Triciclo Peru is a tribute to the working class, specifically to those that work in the streets of Peru. Those people that have extraordinary strength, waking up before dawn and peddling or pushing their tricycle across the city selling goods; using their creativity to support their family.

The mission of Triciclo Peru is to be a noble ambassador of Peru, a country where food means love. 

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